3D Line Test

While our ambition is to have a fully 2D game in the end, we are currently using a 3D character model for our main character.  Kyle Murray and Thomas Edwards comprise our 3D team and have been hard at work doing render tests and preliminary modeling.  Above is an example render style that we have settled on for the 3D elements.  We will be using a toon shader.

We were inspired by the look of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, particularly the lines that were used in some of the concept art for the game.  This look and aesthetic will be key to the art that is incorporated into the game,a s well as the movement of objects.  As you can see from the above render test, the toon line is not consistent or straight but instead varies sporadically.

This is just a test model that we used to figure out what we want the 3D elements to look like.  There will be plenty more tests to come!

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