The Color Process



We wanted to lean heavily on color, with early levels being dark, mysterious, purple, haunting and creepy. Very spoopy, overall. And then as the game goes on it gets warmer and happier, Ori starts taking control of her world and molding it to her design. The last one is hard to read, and more a sketch note to myself than an actual color key or color plot.

I really thought the idea of the middle being monochromatic was striking. The way the lighting goes from dark, intense low key to warm and high key and victorious is fabulous, but I was digging the thought that all the color just faded away, all the saturation is gone. And then she starts building it back up, bit by bit. Some of my personal favorites are in the middle, I already love grey though so I may be a bit biased. Recently I’ve been making them bigger and pulling out details, which has been super fun. More on that later!

(Also how about 1989? Am I the only one jamming out to that on repeat? Just me? Okay…)

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