Developing a Character, Part 5

Collapsed Layers Version

Every cute little girl needs a cute little dress!  So I went into this with a basic idea to keep our dress design simple and flowy.  As a team we knew we liked ribbons, we knew we liked long, and we knew we liked trim.  On the flip side, we knew we hated ruffles (NIGHTMARE TO ANIMATE!!), we knew we hated extra amounts of cuts in the clothing, and we knew we hated pants (a burden on society if you ask me).

My very first design was the simplest I could make the dress; everything it had in the design was minimal.  From that point onward I was making new designs that added a little more complexity to the dress each iteration, and then waiting for Blake to slap my hand and rein in my more complex and crazy designs.  As you can see, in the beginning of my designs, I was still clinging to the poncho idea I had from the very beginning.  It can be hard sometimes to let go of a design you had once you fell in love with it.  But the reality is that you need to learn to let go as a designer and concept artist.  It does get easier the more often you do it though, so no worries!

As I progressed through the designs, I started relying heavily on high-low skirts and dresses.  They were suggested by Abi and the team really liked the direction that it could take our character.  That landmark was what got me moving faster in the designs because it threw me into a new direction I hadn’t gone before; ergo, more material to pull from.  Don’t get caught up in a narrow area.  And if it feels like you’ve exhausted everything you can do, talk to a buddy, or a mentor and pull some ideas from them, it does wonders for injecting a new line of creative thought into your mind.

By the end of my fashion exploration for Oriana, we had decided on *drum roll*………………… Eggplant costume Ori!  Just kidding!  We picked a dress that had a square base and a tied ribbon in the middle of her chest.  We all felt it had the right balance of flow and simplicity to get us to where we needed to be.

Dat Derpy Dino Though 🙂


project oriana clothing concept 2

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