Developing a Character, Part 6


Well everyone, here she is!  This is the final concept of the Oriana you will come to know and love through this journey of design and production till the game releases.

We wanted her to be perfect for this moment which is why we have so many steps involved in her process.  But we are all really excited with how well she turned out and we can’t wait to start the spriting system!

This stage was primarily to fine tune the way her body is shaped and to double check all proportions and range of motion.  It was also the kick off of the 3D modeling team.  Their team received the side and front views of Ori so that they could shape the mesh exactly the way I have it laid out in the image.  The five way turn around, however, is for the 2D animation team.  It gives them the whole picture to figure out what goes where at any given time.  I guess you could say it’s for tracking purposes.

I really hope you love the way this has turned out.  It’s been a joy to work on!  Keep up with our weapon and color designs throughout the next few weeks!

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