UPDATE: The Menus Are Straight Fire

Let me just say that it has been a great time to be working on Project Oriana and have the name Sydney. Because it has been. You may or not be aware that I am the one in charge of all of the menus for the game. And man, oh man have they been an undertaking of epic proportion. After weeks and weeks of struggling and making little progress, all of the little pieces and scripts are coming together into a beautiful set of menus that I am genuinely so proud of. There are floating elements, there are rotations, there are particle systems, there are smooth transitions. These menus are straight fire. I’m so hyped and I wanted to post here while this fire is still running through my veins. So, this is me trying to communicate my enthusiasm for the work being done on the menus and how things are coming together. I’m seriously so hyped and I needed to share with the world. That’s all for now, just know that things are coming together and it was the breathe of fresh air that I needed from this project.



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