Developing a Character, Part 3

Oriana Character and Weapon Concept


After further discussion about Oriana’s main look, we decided that the poncho wouldn’t give her a very strong silhouette when we start posing and animating her.  So we scrapped that completely and I started doing more exploration.  I did a number of new silhouettes for her design and came up with four key character types that I loved.  Each of them had their own very unique personality and charm.  At the end of it all we decided to keep long and flowy hair, and we wanted a simple design on a sleeveless dress for her.  But for the most part, this entire process was just me messing around and scribbling to find some charm in her character.  I didn’t want to focus completely on the practical things like I have been.  So I threw weapons and random objects on her to see what she might look and act like.

I also was playing around with color on her.  I wanted to add accent colors to the nice greens and blues she already had on her clothes.  So whether it be a scythe pulsing with life, a necklace gleaming in the sun, or a feather in her hair, I needed to put in a complementary color somewhere in every design.  And I think it worked out well.

I will forever miss the fancy orb hair things on the scythe concept.  That’s just one more thing you’ve got to come to terms with when going into character design… you can only have one design, you will fall in love with many, your manager will almost always have a different opinion than you.  Don’t let it get you down.

Hope you liked them!  Keep coming back to see Ori evolve even more!


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