Developing a Character, Part 4

Project Oriana

Both Dan and I have done some outfit designs for Oriana! I’ve tried to keep my designs extremely simple with small variations. With the exception of the overalls (which I threw in because they’re adorable) I literally just copied, pasted, and then changed a feature. Some dresses just have a bit longer ruffle, or maybe I moved down the waistband or changed the size. There are a couple I wrote little notes next to, just to make sure I didn’t forget what I was thinking while working.

Since I kept them all basic with little variations and evolutions it didn’t take a long time to bang these out, so I also took the time to color them. Keeping all three views shown and colored made it easier (for me at least) to see what was working, what wasn’t, what had a nice silhouette, and what looked like a potato. I don’t think any of these made it into what Dan did for the final outfit explorations for Ori, but we did go with a more high-low type skirt which was totally my idea so I’m cool with it.

Turquoises and mints and other cool tones (cool tones as in temperature) give me life, it was great to run with it and color all the things these shades. Adding the warm orange next to the cool blues/greens forces both shades to pop more, really stand out. The orange is going to end up in the weapons as opposed to the outfits, they are going to look wonderful next to each other. It’ll really force them both to contrast and yet compliment each other.


I hope y’all are having a great day!

Hail Hydra.

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